Looking for a private server PVP EU (like officials)

Same settings as officials, harvest x2, xp x4, raid 17h00 / 23h00 each day or more, decay 7 days.

If possible shorter nights, no mods or only fews, players list not hidden. No stupid rules.

An admin who can be trusted, and no undermesh, no land claim spam, no block anything, no exploits, no asian or russians players (only EU!!!).

A monthly wipe.

It is a PVP server so you can kill or raid anything (with a little respect for starting players). No crying players, i have been raided or offline raided … it is a PVP server, raids are done on raid time, you have to be there to defend else play PVE.

The objective is to dominate the server before the end of the wipe.

I think this type of server will be a good success and i am ok to send fews EUR per month for the server costs.


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