1st Person Combat

4/25/18. I’m not sure when the game most recently updated. I keep having to start over when it does, which is annoying. But this latest update did resolve problems I was having with the game freezing up. I only have one significant gripe with the game at this point. It defaults to 3rd person view for combat, or really any time a weapon is drawn. I really hate 3rd person when I’m in combat. My sword swings and spear thrusts miss too much. I did find a box in gameplay settings that can be checked to enable 1st person view in combat. But when I enable it nothing changes. When I then check the settings the box isn’t checked any longer. Please tell me this isn’t something that makes you start the game over again if you want it enabled. If it is, that needs to be changed. Or the selection could be one that is made as part of the character set up. Of course, that would still mean I have to start all over. I play stand alone, not on a server.