My 1st Patch impressions, 1st Person :(

I realy were looking forward to play this new Patch, and right after log in I felt very disappointed.
Not because of the combat system or your improvements in crafting new items and stuff.
I was disappointed in the “1st person view”.

I have to say I play the game only in 1st person and playing right now you get a headache.
You wiggle and shake arround while harvesting you cant even fight in 1st person anymore just by using a dagger.
You did this for the console players or ist there any other reason you messed it up?

My understanding is that it was done due to the new combat system not working in First Person. It had nothing to do with the console games.

I figured out how to stay in 1st person while fighting in the options. But still it looks weired I dont even see my Weapon while fighting. Other thing is you lost all combat movement cause you do the same animations while fighting over and over.

There is an option in your settings to force 1st person. However, it’s not recommended because it doesn’t work right.

devs need to remove the setting entirely because people just need to learn to adapt

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