First person combat issues (kinda unusable)

after the latest patch i have even more issues with first person combat, to the point that its practically unusable. first it was just one handed weapons with shields, where the shield wouldn’t pop up or even do it’s job, now it applies to two handed sword and spear as well. the first hit doesnt register properly meaning that no matter if its i a light or heavy attack it won’t hit the opponent whereas in third person everything works as intended.
it kinda pissed me off before to leave immersion behind to fight the thing in the dreggs because a shield was mandantory, still i could play the rest of the game in first person poking everything else with my spear.
after the patch though the first heavy thrust attack was switched to a swinging movement, which glitches the first person view apperantly.
though i still play the game i quickly lose interest having to be in third person all the time. kinda the same issue i had with the witcher which, while i enjoyed the game, finished only once whereas i regularly play fallout and skyrim to this day.
anyone else having the same issues?

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