1st person 4 me from a wana-be ps4 player

So I dont know about everyone else but i love 1st person when a game gives me the option i will always use it. this has alot to do with me not connecting with my chr in 3rd person. But i feel that this 1st person is weird it makes me feel wonky when I attack. I feel that a system similar to skyrim or mordou/chilvary for first person players would make it to were the players who choose first person will not be so shaken up and disadvantage for playing the way they like. This is what I would love and where the devs to do this I would be soooooooo greatfull especially so as I will be playing on the ps4 with my old ps4 friends just me trying to help the devs and make the game funner please do this I truly am begging.