Can we get a 1st person only server option?

EDIT: Never mind, I 1st person looks really good, but i just tried combat and got so sick from the movement. Scratch this idea.

Can we please get an option to only allow first person. I want to start a super hardcore server with minimal gathering and 1st person only. This is something we are missing from the community. Everyone goes the easy way and adds to gathering rates. This causes bigger bases and more lag. Game is more satisfying when everything is super hard to get. 1st person would be the icing on the cake.

Please devs, we need an option to force it in game.


As you’ve seen for yourself, “1st person only” is not a very good idea. And the game isn’t really designed for it, either – just try climbing while you’re in 1st person and see what happens.

I’m curious, though: even if it was possible and looked okay, why would you want to force others to play in 1st person? How is that supposed to make the game better?

because 3rd person gives you an advantage, peaking around corners, seeing things your character really couldnt see in his current position. Its an immersion thing.

I always use both…

1st person often in small areas or to look and click items. 3rd to roam about for immersion.

I find 3rd person more immersive myself, like reading a book about someone, and not being that someone.

1st person is always so weird… your hands float, and camera is often in chest area and how much you see is actaully less then what you would do to how are eyes work. XD


I would not play in first person. If I would leave over , how many more will.
Dont cookie cutter Conan Exiles with Rust and Ark.

doods got a point and if enough ppl wanted it, they could do it as a private server setting.

u mean this for pvp right?

That remind me of early access, 1st person was dope back in the old day (archery i’ve miss you)

My save is from early days, so 1st person archery is still checked for me. (thou option is now hidden) =3

Hopfully they’ll add it back in one day.

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It would be nice to auto switch

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