Why Did They Change Everything!

  1. I used to be able to swim in First Person Above/Underwater

  2. I used to be able to Fight with Fists, Weapons and more in First Person

I used to be able to do a lot of things in First Person, Now it forces Third Person, That just took the Fun out of this game. Is anyone else okay with this or know if there is an option to change it to FPS while in combat, Swimming, Climbing and more?

I am ok with this change. I believe there is still an option to force first person. I tried it once but it made me motion sick. I prefer the 3rd person for this game anyway.

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I think there should be an option for players. Take ARK Survival Evolved for example, There is an option for First Person & Third Person so that the player has the option to choose what they like. Third person defeats the purpose of Immersion to me. I only play FPS games, I rarely play Third Person Games. I hope they make it an option soon. I stopped playing Ark due to it’s boring and I can do much more here.


To be fair, we were pushed into 3rd when Climbing Patch dropped. Now the only other notable new condition is swimming. Otherwise, you can toggle 1st person in combat.

As a first person player, I got cozy with my wield key. If you play in First Person and fight in 3rd (which you should :slight_smile: ), hit your wield key to toggle back to First. Also, your mouse wheel by default can click you in and out of 1st.

Check your options, you can change it in Gameplay.


It’s not in there, already checked. No option in options

3rd person view is conducive to beautiful comboes with a greatsword and allows you better control and spacial awareness.

1st person… not so much. U’ll get nauseous really quickly. Only thing i’d want to perform in first person is Bow and Arrow.

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Not the point Halcyon, Don’t care about combos. I prefer FPS, Hate Third-Person in this game, Some of you might like this and that’s good for you all. I just prefer strictly FPS, Since I bought this game when it first came to Game Preview, I’ve done nothing but FPS.

My months of Hunting, Killing, Building, Fishing, My Castle and Walls literally everything I’ve done has been only FPS. Now Half the stuff I’ve wasted my time and money on will basically be pointless, because I’m forced to do things like fighting and swimming in third-person vs my First Person.

As I said before, there NEEDS to be an OPTION for FPS.

Yea a player may have a better combo than me in a fight, but that truly debates on if they can get to me through my Guards and Clan.

I’ve loved this game since release, and I hope before Launch day that they add an option.


I’ve tried what you said, and it puts my weapon away, It doesn’t put me back in 1st as you said.

I am absolutely like you and only play FPS. Played this game since day one in that mode and was upset with the change when I switched to TestLive a few months ago. However since playing in third for a while, I now prefer it and only switch to first when placing crafting tables and chests because I don’t like my guy in the way. If all I did was run around and shoot things, I would want to be in first all the time, but the way CE works, it is just better in third. Give it a chance.

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Try playing a female character in 3rd person :smiley:
It’s a pleasant experience.

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Settings -> Gameplay -> Second last: “Allow first person camera in combat”

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Start with no weapon in First. Now select a weapon that puts you into Third. When you press your wield key (by default X, I use C) it will put you back into First. I have C bound to a mouse button as I use it as frequently as I use V.

Stalker much? LOL

Better to stalk his own character than to stalk you. XD

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You on Xbox or PC?

On the Xbox that’s not an option

I saw an option to fight in first person. If you check it, seems nothing happens but I think it’s a temporary issue: probably they need to optimize the first person animations.

By the way fighting in third person can be very enjoyable (especially while wearing those crazy-epic-awesome lore armors xD), give it a long try, you’ll like it.

For PC or XBO ?



I refer to PC version yea