First Person should be reintroduced

Ya’ll need to reintroduce first person for Livetest; getting a headache watching the entire screens hake every time I use my pick or hatchet.

Bow’s should be more first person and aiming, its strategy and some people like to play that way. Allow for zoom.

I don’t care if the game is meant to played in third person, I bought the game. I should have the option to go first person if I so choose.

Too few critters - up the spawn, I agree it needed be brought down but now its near a barren.

Fish traps - Aagin agreed it needed be broguht down but not by this much.


you are able to force first person camera in option setting.

zooming would be unrealistic. eyes cannot zoom.

the console versions should have visible body from the chest down, though, that is realistic and should carry over to the console versions.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has it too on console, but its hard finding the right FOV setting to make it look right.

oh yea, perhaps Conan Exiles could include FOV settings on console for first person view setting.

But you can add a simple spyglass: The technique for this does allready exist. You only have to use the zoom effect aiming with a bow in first person, which is in the live version now. Increase this zoom effect a little bit and engrave this view with a grafic of a spyglass frame with a little blur effect for the glass. So using a spyglass will force you in first person - Looking through the glass will force your concentration on a single point - in this moment you are vulnerable - and I think this is very realistic and exciting :grinning:

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ah though isnt first person always there as long as the player sets it to first person? that would mean people can aim, zoom, and fire with a bow without needing to be in 3rd person at all.

No, the combat upgrade won’t allow you anymore to aim and zoom in first person :cry:you have to do this in third person. But you can do building, harvesting and walking/running in first person. Aiming in first person is in live version now not Testlive

Isn’t there still the ‘override first person’ setting? Last I checked you could still do all of this, so long as you check that setting.

They talked about in the last Devstream with Oscar. If I remember right they said that the combat in FPV is so ridiculous that it won’t be possible anymore. But maybe one of the Devs can tell us here?

I’ve tested it myself. It doesn’t look pretty, that’s for sure. But if you’re determined to play in first-person the option is available. You can still use it for harvesting.

Even the Bow mechanics in Testlive now? I mean the Testlive Version which is coming up after the Testlive Version now. Now it’s still possible to force FPV in combat. (Also bow mechanics?) Everything else than combat, climbing, swimming and diving will still be possible in FPV. I think that was what they said. The next Testlive Version will come before the next live version, which will come before the release version. This prerelease live version will have the upgrades from the Testlive versions but not the content (swangle, volcano) of the final release version.

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Yeah, the ‘first person override’ setting does let you do all the third-person stuff from first-person. The same 3rd person bow mechanics will work in first person (zoom shot for heavy, 3-shot combo for light). Same with melee attacks, you’ll spin and jump and such, but the camera will be in first-person. It’s kind of dizzying. After testing it out, you’ll likely understand why it’s an opt-in rather than a default.

Personally I keep the setting enabled just to have the option. Checking the option doesn’t force everything into first-person, but it just keeps the same 3rd/1st person swap as it was before. I like to have the option of first-person for when I really need to focus on the horizon, and having my own character model in my face would be too distracting.

It’s best to allow the player to choose how they want to play… first or third person. You should simply be able to zoom all the way into first person and all the way out to third person in All games, and do everything both ways. It’s what’s most logical and is easy to do, and different players have different preferences! Don’t force a way of playing they don’t fancy onto them!

I actually prefer third person view most the time in most games but the most enjoyable games to play are always the ones that allow you a choice and let you zoom all the way in or out whenever you want.

I absolutely love this. I just came back after several months away and am using TestLive instead of Live and have been shaking my head about no zoom with a bow.

Before, when I played, I used to keep a bow even when I could not afford the weight of arrows just so that I could scout out situations. It would even be one of the first tips I gave new players, ‘Always keep a basic bow in inventory to scout!’.

BiJay, have you ever made a thread just for this spyglass suggestion?

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Good idea:
Opened a new thread :innocent:

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It was mentioned that there is an ability to force to 1st person I know that first person mode has been removed but it was my favorite thing about the game.

I managed to do it by spamming V once, but I haven’t been able to do it again