First person mode

hi folks, does anyone know if the devs are going to fix the first person view, if there are any future plans on that?

Conan used to be a first person game in 2017.

But they decided to focus on third person. The first person view you are seeing is just a remnant of what once was.

There is not. Their intent was to move to third person after the combat update when the game officially launched about three years ago.

We pushed them to allow us to keep using first person as a legacy system, which they provided. That is about all we’re getting.

First person view in games is like wearing a webcam helmet, you just see what is straight ahead, plus your little hands flapping on the sides of the screen. I get that it is needed in shooter games, but even people that say it is more immersive have to be annoyed by the horse blinder effect.

I tried Far Cry Primal, and quit because it has no third person view.

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