3rd person view with a weapon equipped

right now on the testlive game version if you equipped a weapon while in first person mode it forces you to 3rd person view and i play better first person does any one know if this is a bug or as intended cause it should be my choice to play first or third and i play way better in first than third cause i can’t dodge as well in third for me just saying it should be a choice for everyone if they want to be in third or first person while having a weapon equipped cause everyone is different some play better in third other first and some mixed

you can enable first person view in combat in options.

You can dodge better in 1st person?! This is a first one I think

Hi Trr :slight_smile:

While I agree that options are always good, I also applaud FC for taking a brave direction with the combat revamp and sticking to it.

What’s unique to the Conan Universe in general is it’s one of the few Western games that feature beautiful Greatsword comboes. The only other game that I personally know of (i’m sure there are more) is the gothic, twin worlds and witchers series. I also remember ehrm… Rynn of Drakan (dayum that game is old…), they featured beautiful sword combos. All of them are 3rd person games.

I think a 3rd person perspective best brings across the feeling of impact, the weight of the weapons and the grace of the movements.

In a first person perspective, if you were to see the world through your characters eyes while doing those greatsword comboes, you would get nauseous, because the FPS camera would swing ALL over the place.

If the camera in first person mode were still, most of the sword comboes wouldn’t even show.

The closest games that came to successfully combining first person with high velocity and visceral combo-based melee combat would be Dark Messiah, and ZenoClash.

I have never seen a game feature both first person and third person melee combat in equal fidelity. …Well… Maybe Skyrim, but it’s more that Skyrim’s first and third person combat are equally lacking :stuck_out_tongue: