Testlive 3rd person camera angles

Let me just start by saying that I am really enjoying the updates to the current testlive build. I think the new intro with Conan was amazing. The sound and atmosphere were very well done and carried a sense of emotional weight to them.

I didn’t see any specific threads that were addressing the topic of the title, being, the new camera angles.
It seems like there is a bit of a cinematic off-centering during combat when locked onto an enemy now, and the general FoV seems to be a bit lower. Before the update the bottom of the camera would stop around the top of a character’s upper thigh, but it is a bit higher now. Also the camera has changed considerably while using a bow. With a bow equipped, the camera shifts upward considerably, so that the bottom of the screen is in the character’s back.

Some would argue that you can just adjust the FoV to compensate for this, but I just wonder if the camera change was a step in the right direction. As it stands now, a good portion of the character is obscured by the UI, or it just cut off by the bottom of the screen. I personally really enjoy being able to see more of my character while I am playing them.

How do you all feel? Does anyone else have feedback about the new 3rd person camera system on testlive

I also noticed the camera looked a bit different. To me it’s not a huge deal but I wish they would let us zoom out further, which would nullify the issue anyway.

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There you go. I agree with that.
I’d rather that the ability to zoom out further would be baked into the actual game, instead of addressed with a mod.

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I also felt the camera to be off, but I’ve just returned after a few months away and thought I was not remembering correctly.

I’m with the rest. I think having the ability to zoom the camera out is imperative. I’d forgotten that I’ve ‘Fly’ mapped to F1 and hit it by accident when I first began playing again and I was so excited thinking they’d added a zoom out button that I nearly jumped out of my chair.

Anyway, the game is just about perfect for me where the camera zooms out when you first hit ‘Fly’. If it is possible to make the camera zoom out for that, it seems like it would be fairly easy to implement the ability to zoom the camera.

Adjusting FOV out distorts the view too much and just makes me feel ill.