Testlive - third person cam not placed/working correctly (for me)

I guess it’s way easier for you to understand what my problem is, if I simply link a screenshot which I saved via steam:
Hmm. No links allowed. Sorry for making this complicated… (I guess you know what to do with the following?)
https:// steamuserimages-a.akamaihd .net/ugc/936059624856323122/651E395CC7B1BE0FBB95179087C3BC118A686CC3/

This is wrong. The center of camera should be behind the character, not set off to the right.
Also you can see that the arrow didnt land where the crosshair was, but instead a few mm to the left of it. When I did my first practice, I wasnt sure about taking aim in third person at all, so I shot with ~3 foundations distance, which resulted in missing the targets head by 2 cms. (Or probably 1 foundation.) This feels terrible to me, though I guess this is due to the cam being placed wrong?
This wont go away by restarting the game or machine.
This wont go away by resetting general settings, video settings or else.
I already had to reset keybindungs due to that menu-bug. (not staying open when hitting the key but rather flashing like it opens and closes at the same time -> getting out of inventory by hitting escape did open that menu though)
Verifiying the installation did result in nothing being wrong.
Starting without battleeye results in no change.
Yes, I did create a new SP game after having installed the testlive client.
Since I am like a bow only player (that said, up until now I have only been playing pve) this caused me to get a little salty since with that positioning aiming is like almost impossible. But someone told me that this is not normal, that this must be a bug. So instead of getting back to that steam discussion and hoping for anyone of you reading it there, I wanted to post it here.

In case it’s of any help -> I use:
Win 7 x64 “home premium”
.NET installation without the updates from january and february (latter caused a dozen of bluescreens even on swiping the cursor, hopefully you can understand my intention not to want to install that update any time soon…)
grafics driver 390.77 on gtx 960 (Just updated it to 391.01 - no change.)
i5 2400@3,1 ghz
8 GB DDR3 ram

The camera view has been deliberately set to one side so you can see what you are aiming it. I believe they plan to move it even more to the side as archers are having trouble aiming still, but I might be wrong about this bit.

Hm. Then this “Middlefinger” didnt play the last testlive patch as it seems? Since he claimed that my vision wasnt normal. But streamings from yesterday show it like mine as well. Could it actually be, that I installed testlive right after some patch was pushed out, which included that change? Then I am sorry for thinking the placement of character was wrong. (So I guess that change was introduced to testlive like 15th or 16th of march? Because any stream older than that still shows the character in the mid.)

The actual problem still exists though!
If aiming manually the arrow will land somewhere left of the (middle of the) crosshair -> that means it doesn’t work properly. Lock on (just now tried it once, dont like those things) works just fine! So no worries about that.
I guess the character got set to the side and so did the trajectory without adjusting the latter. ?
Or rather the trajectory cant really be “corrected”?
Because if the arrow flies far enough, it seems to be able to actually hit the crosshairs mid. This could mean that shooting even more far would result in the arrow land somewhere on the right side of the crosshair…
This means it is an issue which is not possible to resolve? :frowning:

I am probably one of a very few people, who play archers because of the way that playstyle works.
It does (or rather did) involve carefully taking aim, “loading” that heavy shot, doing the last corrections and deciding when to let that arrow land in the thralls head/body. Using auto aim/lock on simply is against my way to play an archer.

Is this something already known and which will be adressed later?
(That middlefinger also told about some incoming changes about bow usage like no heavy shots anymore and accuracy being bad if no points in that stat. Would have thought of that as a rumor.)