Bow bug discovered in latest testlive

I am having a difficult time alt-firing a bow on PC. For some odd reason while holding the right button to aim, gets continuously interrupted for no seeming explanation.

hm cannot confirm that, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bug, just that it doesn’t occur always and under all circumstances. just to make sure its a game issue, i used to have an issue with my computers mouse where the contacts were just starting to corrode a little bit, which lead to it not working when i pressed left click down any longer. you don’t have that issue in other games, right?

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Don’t really care that it “works fine on other games.” Check your right mouse with a keyboard recorder (should be able to find one online). If there is a problem with your mouse that you aren’t seeing, that will show it.

Check your keybinds also for any right mouse conflicts.

But nope, not seeing it either. Not in the dev kit (which is updated to the same version as Testlive), not on Testlive, nothing in the devkit to suggest there is an issue in the blueprints or Combotables. Doubting that it’s a bug here.


Not seeing it here either. I use bows A LOT in 3.01 too.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I think the issue might be my mouse. Thank you again.

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