Keeping everything in first person view how?

Is there anyway to keep my character from going into 3rd person for swimming and climbing, its annoying and the transitions are glitchy, its driving me nuts. I want to just play the whole game in first person like you used to be able to.

I know there is an option to allow first person in combat I have this optioned checked, its just the other things I mentioned that are forcing me back to 3rd person game console view.

Hi guys now I’ve read a alot forums and threads about this so, It was mentioned that there is an ability to force to 1st person with some of the weapons I know that first person mode has been removed but it was my favorite thing about the game.
All I’m asking is a way to force 1st person with some of the older weapons, I know this is possible I managed to do it by spamming V once, but I haven’t been able to do it again

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