1Up Marathon: 24Hrs of Conan Exiles for Charity

Every year I join a group of folk (primarily in Australia, but open to all) in a 24hr gaming marathon raising money for charity. This year in the last weekend of October I’ll be playing & streaming Conan Exiles on PS4 for 24 hours straight and begging people on the internet for money. (links below for the 1Up site & my Team page with server details, etc)

It got a bit grindy with [another game] last year so I’m trying to be a bit more organised this time around, and I’m keen to get some ideas on would you kind of things you would want to see if you tuned in, what would keep people watching & encourage viewers to donate.

So far (banking on not having my sekrit base or cache spots raided gulp before the day) I have enough material for a build/extension, but it’ll be raiding hours on the server I’m on so tension will be high, and there’ll be plenty of opportunity for stuff to be blown up. I’ve also dawdled on journey steps & haven’t touched a few dungeons since I started paying to make sure I have some core gameplay to keep me awake.

All that’s fairly basic though, so keen to see any ideas for out of the box challenges/endeavours I can undertake to link to donation milestones beyond the “I’ll name a pet after anyone who donates more than $20” type stuff I’m working with so far.


Team Exile (w/ server & discord details if you’re on PS4 and want to join in on bringing this thing to life - it’s a boosted server and there’s plenty of time to jump in and build up something pretty to look at on the day)


Hey @Pr0mythean!

We’re delighted that you’re streaming Conan Exiles on your charity marathon stream. We’ll be sharing this on our social media channels to hopefully draw some more attention to a worthy cause and bring in some more donations.

Good luck with the streams come October and we hope you get some great suggestions in :slight_smile:



Good stuff @Shadoza, thanks. I’m hoping that I throw together enough event/milestone ideas that I can run some kind of rough schedule on the Team page & running updates on the stream - and some kind of pet &/or thrall battle is definitely on my list.

Get what your saying about the learning (and spruiking), and that’s one of the reasons I’ve left journey steps & some dungeon crawling untouched. It’ll be learning for everyone, myself included (no doubt smattered with a decent amount of cursing Crom in vain.)

Why not pre-plan with private server? This way you have 6-9+ other on, who can keep things going with said Arena, Someone can make a dungeon as admin and let 3-4 people go thru MMO raid style.

Have admin spawn bosses in arena, (or 2 at once) Over 24 hours anyway, you can walk to most of dungeons.

Heck if your doing this on ps4. (poor ps4 gonna be on fire by end of day…) I’d love stop in (or try to)

Good idea similar to Zevent (https://zevent.fr/) in France with French Streamer.

:slight_smile: Check out the details on the fundraising page or here on the forums at [PS4] Outcast 10X PvP

Feel free to drop in, would be great to have you there on the day!

60 Hours?! O_O

Man, the 1Up crowd are lightweights by comparison :smiley:

Sadly my own lack of anything even closely resembling building skill means I’d be wholly dependent on the team for this one. If we get some decent builders back into the server through I’ll throw it out there for sure.

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Going to try & sort out an Elephant Parade event on the Outcast Server for the day. As many folk as we can getting their lemming on, jumping off a cliff & onto each other’s heads.

Will also be naming Pets after people for donations, probably letting people choose which kind of pet at a certain threshold.

I’m also pretty keen to have an all-in brawl in the arena with only severed limbs for weapons.

Keep the ideas rolling folks, it’s going to be a ripper on the day.

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