(24) Hour(s) of the Dragon [PS4/5] [Siptah] [OCE] [CHARITY EVENT]

1Up Marathon - 24 Hours of Gaming for Charity (2021-11-05T21:00:00Z2021-11-06T21:00:00Z)

It’s that time of year, and I’ll once again be settling in for a 24hr gaming session raising funds for charity as part of the 1Up Marathon.

This year I have my own server to play with and we’ll be tricking it out ahead of the event should anyone want to stop by the Isle of Siptah and make our charitable endeavours a little more entertaining.

(Sidenote: I’d love to get some guest admins setting up cool stuff on the server that I’m not talented enough to build… get in touch if this sounds like you!)

From now until the 1UpMarathon event begins, the password will be removed, Harvesting & XP will be boosted (x3) and 24 Eldarium chests will be plonked out in the wild filled to the brim with building materials, weapons & thralls to give folk a chance to get established ahead of the day.

I’ll be streaming the event over on my Twitch channel, and we have some absolutely bonkers stuff in store for anyone who hangs out while we try to convince folk to empty their vaults and pony up some bronze coins for Beyond Blue.

I’ll be keeping players up to date in the Hour of the Dragon Server Discord - if you’d like to play along, feel free to jump on in.

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I like what you are doing for a good cause

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someone at work asked me 7 odd years ago if I was keen to play video games for charity and it was kind of a no brainer - have looked forward to this rolling around each year since

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It’s no great secret that I love the brutality at the heart of this game. But seeing as I’m about to stream for 24 hours for charity in 10 hours or so and we’ve already raised $120 (!!) I’m feeling much kinder than usual and have plonked down 24 chests full of loot around the Isle of Siptah.

Screenshots are up in the server’s discord.

Newbies, Builders, Streamers & Hoarders are all welcome - hope to see you in the storm!