Hour of the Dragon [Chill PvP] [OCE] [PS4/5]

Well, we’ve made it to phase 2 in the life of the Hour of the Dragon server (meaning I managed to scrounge together enough doubloons to keep it running for another month) so here’s our first spammy ad!

Feel free to pop on in and take a squiz, see what you think.

Hour of the Dragon - Isle of Siptah PvP

  • 24x7 PvP & Building Damage (offline raid to your heart’s content, scumbags)
  • No Wipes
  • Max Clan size: 10
  • 0.8 Thrall/Pet Conversion
  • 0.8 Thirst (what’s with the default thirst rate, geez)
  • No Boost (werk, you lazy git)
  • Fairly chill admin (rants a bit though & thinks he’s funnier than he actually is)

Discord: https://discord.gg/SttTMe3


Want a peek at the server or just keen to get your eyeballs on some Siptah gameplay? Check out some of the folk on our streamer roster so far!

Just some guy, probably ignore.

King Shinobi
“Father, Husband and Casual Gamer who loves to read Manga and watch One Piece with his Wife.”
Our New Zealandric master builder and leader of the Ronin clan, careful though - he’s ruthless with a katana.

#Autistic #Gaymer #Leatherman, S/M/D/H #Survivor #Sir #Daddy #LGBTQIA #Poly #Leather #wolf #BlackLivesMatter.”
Undisputed hashtag king of Twitch, super cool to watch and right hand man to Shinobi.

“just a dude looking to have fun with people in stream and play games”

New to streaming but absolutely crushing it already, Dax is the mischief maker on the server… and has paid the price in blood more than once. (and that’s just in the last 24 hours)

“Come join me at the naughtyword show and watch as i die over and over and get more and more frustrated all for your amusement”

Another Kiwi, East is the newest player to the server and has been running riot (and solo!) down at the Isle of Dawn gearing up to take on the bigger clans.

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I seriously love this server :upside_down_face:

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We’ve relaxed some of the building rules & have tweaked a few settings so that players can participate in the Temple of the Gods Building contest.

Swing by east_coastnz’s stream for a peek at the first build underway!

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(24) Hour(s) of the Dragon [PS4/5] [OCE] [CHARITY EVENT] :eyes:

It’s no great secret that I love the brutality at the heart of this game. But seeing as I’m about to stream for 24 hours for charity in 10 hours or so and we’ve already raised $120 (!!) I’m feeling much kinder than usual and have plonked down 24 chests full of loot around the Isle of Siptah.

Screenshots are up in the server’s discord.

Newbies, Builders, Streamers & Hoarders are all welcome - hope to see you in the storm!