[PS4] Outcast 10X PvP

Having cleared out some undesirables from the server I play on I’m keen to see it repopulated with chilled players who still get a kick out of blowing each other’s homes up and thieving all the spoils.

This will be where my 24 hour gaming marathon raising money for charity plays out (see 1Up Marathon: 24Hrs of Conan Exiles for Charity for details). Being boosted there’s plenty of time to set up shop and have something to look at on the day that is prettier than the architectural abominations I’m capable of.

Discord: https://discord.gg/JpeA5FB

No Offline Raiding
Weekend Raid Window
Loot Drop on Death off until raid time
Crafting/Thrallbreak/Pets sped up
Building Decay is on