2.6 harvesting and XP boost xbox

420 server is hosting a 40 man limit 90 days no charge server

~no grieving or bullying
~no rules on raiding
~no clan limit
~open to changing player stats or game stats (server vote)
~purge happens at random times
~if server wants no gods wee can do that
~just looking for people that want to have fun and enjoy the game with PVP
~no admin abuse (victims of bullying or grieving will be given the necessary tools to get back at the individual)
~the admin will be building a arena and all those goodies to make the game just that more interesting and prizes will be awarded
~server opened up 3 days ago so its fresh ready for you to build!!

if you feel like this is the server for you just go on to xbox1 and look up 420server will see you there!!!