New xbox 1 server up and running

come join us on the “420 server” on the xbox 1. not much is increased other than the harvest amount,the xp gain, building speed and the cost of materials. its a pretty vanilla server. the raid time is active, pvp is all the time. there is 3 people watching the server and paying for it so we do not expect any payment form our potential survivors. we encourage clans to come join, only thing we ask is do not block off areas of importance (common sense). there is a safe spot on the south end of the map near the spawn no raiding will ever be done there if this does happen the victim will be given the proper materials to make sure payback has been done (we would need evidence of this happening before we get involved). for the people that have had admin abuse on other private servers this is not one of those, we play the game as attended, there is no fun in cheating. so if you feel up to come check us out. fresh server opened up today and 90 days payed for so lets do it!!!

if you have any questions hit me up at dinklburg91 on the xbox and lets see what we can get going.