2.7 broke my game completely. How do I go back to 2.6.1?

As the title says. It’s literally unplayable; as soon as I load in, it crashes a second later with a ‘fatal error’ and there’s nothing I can do

Apparently there’s a way to rollback game version using depotIDs from Steamdb? But I don’t understand any of that and don’t know what depot I need to download

Is there anything I can do? Or is this just an F you and stop playing?

If you’ve got mods installed, then you’re in the same boat as many of us. You can either A) Remove them all B) Remove them all and reload one by one to find which is the problem or C) Simply wait until the various mod creators have updated. While it’s a pain, many of us simply go with option C.

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Ayye lad, but is there no way to roll back game version in the mean time?

Depends on how you’re running it, from what I understand. I’m not the most tech savvy on these things but I believe you can roll back at least the single player.

I would definitely defer to another forum member as this is not my strong point.

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I like how this is your takeaway from using mods. Every single update since the first mod was made has caused the mods to break and yet still people don’t seem to understand that…

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Oh come on, I wasn’t serious when I said that. Was just a question of if there a way round this or not. No salt here, sir

(btw, I have no idea how you quote someone’s comment like what you just did)

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Hit reply , then highlight/select the text you want to quote on the post , once selected a “quote” option will appear , click on it and voilà :wink:


Oh sweet, thanks :smiley:
I’m new to forums…


Not aware of any way to rollback, no. These things typically resolve themselves within a few days of a patch after mod authors have had time to get things situated. Just depends on what mods are affected and how many you have installed.


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