Do not want to play this game anymore

I heard from old users saying that after some major patch, it is always like a hellgate opened in this game.
I was also worried by what they say but i was kinda “what the hell… i will deal with it later” kinda type until 2.1 update.

well… simply it broke everything
I have been running a small g-portal server since last Sept right after the isle of siptah update with my close friends.
we had wonderful time in the game.
made our own contents like NPCs, buildings, monsters and everything…with using mods.

but now it is all gone…

I found out that it is impossible to recover my old data as well as save files since the update ruined all.
I also heard some guy talking about dev changed api or something.

honestly… i don’t give a sh*t anymore.
i am just sad that funcom destroyed all the good memory i and my friends had… and it is irrecoverable. i feel like an idiot now. it is just game right? why so intense right?

so i have decided not to play this game anymore.
because i despise your lack of responsibility, respect towards to users and you should know the poor attitude has been the worst from all.

if this was just 1 time mistake, people wouldn’t be so much disappointed but
i just learned that u did this kinda ■■■■■■ updates all the time
and i believe it will happen soon again.

but i am not gonna experience it
cuz this is bye~bye for me.

well me? it is just 1 customer.
but if u keep doing this kinda nonsense to your customers,
u will have none left for sure.


Mods still work. Many are updated already, others are still being worked on.

You can restore from a backup, if you haven’t done any backup … why haven’t you? It is always good to have a backup before any major update.

Play vanilla game with no mods if you want Funcom to fix it for you. When you install mods, you accept the risk that they may not be compatible with the game at one or another point.


doesnt matter.
my save data for the server is corrupted. and
i tried everything i hope.
i will just let it stay in my memory and let go.

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Have you tried using one of the temporary backups? The game does one every 5 min.

I know it sucks if you built many thespian npc with pippi. You can make very complex npc with pippi tools. Sometimes it takes hour to build it. If you want to quit the game its understandeble but if you ever decide to play again you know you can copy every commands and text you give once you build a thespian to a notepad. I do that. So if i want to restore with a new game things become easier. Perhaps you already know. Just tried to help.


thanks for your warm reply.
but i already know that and i also did…

but since i and my brother expecially built so many things in the server and
when i found out that there is no way to recover it… it is kinda feeling like “this is it” for me.

i have been disappointed before in other games… but
i am kinda tired to experience this kinda loss again.
even i also knew the possible dangers for using mods, the sadness and shock of losing all the data seems greater than i expected.
well i am maybe just a stupid fool.

anyway thanks again.
i really appreciate you guys’ kind replies.

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Your database save isn’t corrupted, its just not compatible. There is a hotfix coming to fix that. Should be in within a few hours.

Though if you can’t wait, appy the SQL command:

delete from item_inventory where template_id = 18400
delete from item_inventory where template_id = 18401
delete from item_inventory where template_id = 53502
delete from item_inventory where template_id = 53001
delete from item_inventory where template_id = 18293
delete from item_inventory where template_id = 19605

To your database, make sure to back it up before doing this obviously.

This will delete every potion and bandage on the server though. But the hotfix coming should fix the issue you have without deleting those items.

Kudo’s to Gabriela of the Thrall Wars mod for coming up with the solution.


Exactly. The updates and changes to the workstations mean a ton of items need to be swapped out or removed and, with mods and their IDs those are extra complications. I think there are other game developers who would have just said ‘Here’s the change. All servers are wiped. Deal with it’ Funcom have always embraced the Modding community. A bit of a delay in playing for some modded servers for now. My understanding is that Official and Solo server had no issues/minor issues that have been resolved.

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Hey there,

There’s a fix for modded servers being unable to initialize in the works, coming today.


Outstanding :+1:

One thing to do as well, especially if a game (or part of it) is in Early Access, is to put an ear to the ground.

I mean, it isn’t like this update was any sort of Halloween jump scare or anything. By staying abreast of news on the Testlive side of things,you can get an idea of what is coming in order to prepare for it by making backups of game files (so that, if needed, you could disable auto-updates and “roll back” to an un-updated version), server files, and your savegame (to be accessed by that version), effectively making a “savepoint”.

Then let your players know "Hey, there’s a HUGE update coming that may break things. I have the old stuff saved, so we can see what it breaks, wait for hotfixes and the like, and once all is 100% compatible with our setup, restore the “old” savegame and continue play as normal.

Beats the whole “Our entire game is borked because I didn’t make backups” scenario AND preps you for the two other major updates that are coming before Siptah leaves Early Access (hell, the final changes in the version launched when it leaves EA will probably be a “fourth” major update, tbh.)


Thanks Ignasis and thanks to all the staff over there for getting the patch out.

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Bye bye, have fun in another game.

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