I have a problem with mod version updates

on ocasion a mod update will occure involving a version update, but the mod doesn’t up date on my pc. Is there a way to manully force an update. I am going through steam and all my mods are steam mods. Also they are all sudscrde as well. thank you for any help I get.

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The best way to force an update that I know of,
Is unsubscribe from mod, restart steam then resub to the mod.

it’s a PITA but it seems to work.

You can just unsub, then re-sub - no need to restart steam.

thank you

I usually have a collection I use for the purpose of unsubbing and resubbing. Its page is favorited on my browser and I can login there (have to be logged in on the same account on steam for this to work) and I can unsub and resub to each mod I need in a list.

If I need to do it to many or all the mods, I can use the unsub and sub to all buttons to make it quicker.

I included the restart because it is necessary sometimes.

I’ve never encountered that problem, but good to know.

You’re right, I should have been clearer in my original post that the restart is not always necessary.

But I’ve had to do it 3 times since January, and had to recommend it to others.
It’s been happening for the last few years off and on.
Maybe it’s particular mods? These last few times it’s been the same one.
I won’t name the mod because I don’t want to start a debate.

Count yourself lucky if you’ve never needed to.

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