2 isle of siptah bugs that need patched asap

so the grey ones bow and great axe are not spawning at the locations to learn them. And I had a bug were my accursed berserker stopped following me, wouldn’t teleport to me, after being more than 2 map squares away from him. My friend who is the admin of the server couldn’t find him, even though I had him marked on the map, and told my friend where my thrall is, he was on top of him. It eventually told me my thrall died while following me, so please fix that I don’t want to have my thralls stop working and just die for no reason.



You should be able to get these items in The Broken Temple location.
As for the thrall issue, we’ve passed the information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

Please keep an eye out on our future game updates as we are always trying to improve Conan Exiles.

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They are not there on xbox. Guess it’s bugged for now.

Hi @Bloo

Are you unable to find these at the mentioned location?
If the items are missing we will pass this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

Thank you for helping us out with this information.

The weapons are there as of the latest update on xbox.

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