Bugs & Questions on The Isle of Siptah

Game mode: Single-player

Type of issue: Crash, Bug, Performance, Other

Server type: PvE

Hardware: Xbox One S

Bug Description:

I have only played on the Isle of Siptah ever since it came out for XBox One so I have no idea if these are also things on the exile lands.

Bug 1

After the Isle of Siptah came out we got a large update I can’t remember which one it was but when I would change the settings in custom I would get numbers that replace numbers with the wrong number.

In this image it shows the slider starting out at 1.0 Like it should.

If I move it one to the left it goes to 0.5 like it should.

If I move it one more to the left it goes to 0.1 like it should.

But if I move it back to the 0.5 position from the 0.1 position I don’t get 0.5 I get 0.6 then it goes to 1.0

Is it supposed to do this and replace 0.5 with 0.6? If not this has never been fixed in all the updates since the Isle of Siptah came out.

Bug 2

Absolutely none of the npcs that I have captured and converted to thralls show the small icons on the top left . Has this been removed? I know back during when the isle of siptah came out I was always seeing them then I completely stopped seeing them.

Bug 3

After grave matters ended and npcs were given the ability to use emotes I notesed that my sit emote was moved from the relaxed section of the wheel where it has always been to it being placed by itself.

Bug 4

Again after grave matters ended and npcs were given the ability to use emotes I was under the impression that we had to go around the map and find all the books for the emotes but every npc I have turned into thralls have every emote already added and more therefore not having to find any books.

This may be part of the cause why I get lagging and crashing every time im around npcs loading in, and why caged thralls crash my game other than them having the brown sacks in their inventory and fighting with their fists.

In these images I show how the thralls have all the emotes without even finding one book.

Is it supposed to do this and we are given all the emotes on thralls or is this a bug and we are ment to find the books?

Bug 5

When you had thralls placed at a location and you wanted to relocate them all you had to do is knock them out again then re break them on the wheel of pain so they could be returned to your inventory and placed into a bearer thrall or pet.

Some time after the Isle of Siptah came out no matter how many times I hit my thralls they do nothing and just stand there and they will not get knocked out for me to put them on the wheel of pain then transport them to a new location.

I can pick them up and move them that way but it makes it imposable to move them all to far away locations and I have to leave them behind and replace them with new ones at the new location.

Has it been changed and its supposed to do this or is this a bug?

Bug 6

Before the Isle of Siptah came out I was having problems when it came to the animation of opening chests.

The lids would go up but they would never go back down even after I had taken everything out and new items had spawned in. In all the updates since this has not been fixed.

Bug 7

After knocking out npcs if I go to click on them and use my bindings to drag them to the wheel of pain their bodies will fall through the ground mesh or go invisible.

Also If I kill a npc their body will also go invisible and I have to run around while looking down just to get them to show up so I can loot them.

But the only thing that shows up is there loot and what type of thrall they are or their name. The body itself remains invisible.

When all the bodies have vanish if I missed a body a loot bag will show up before new npcs spawn in.

I have lost too many T4 named thralls because of not being able to see them or find them to be able to put them on the wheel of pain.

Bug 8

I know that the npc AI has been changed and It seems like every time an npc is walking or moving to a certain destination or pattern then if I walk away and come back to the same npc and its walking a completely different pattern to a completely different destination that it normally doesn’t then my game crashes.


There has been many times when I would find human or animal npcs walking around on top of a cliff and I would watch them walk over to a tree, then over to a rock and back to their spawn point.

Then later I would return and that same npc is not on top of the cliff but below it and they are now walking to a rock below the cliff then up to the top of the cliff top and to their spawn point as soon as I get closer to them the game crashes.

This started do it after the emotes were added to npcs.

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