2 Main weapons and visible weapon carry

Hi, maybe think about adding specific slots for 2 weapons that you can only use when u place them in the specific slots like armor? Imagine that you find yourself in 1v1 and u both have all weapons… boring , swaping all the time ,but how about having only two like 1 two handed and 1 one handed and 1 throwable/range that you choose to carry and if you meet tank or assasin with counter weapon you have to outplay him hard if he counter your weapons but if you want to change them you open inventory , swap them using mouse and you might die if you try to do that while fighting + you can see what weapons you and enemy carry because you see it on back :slight_smile: i think that combat would be way more fun because of that . And also seeing how you carry big sword as warrior is bad ■■■ and it just visually pleases your eyes .