20 strength 20 agility, in meta pvp makes no sense

Hello, I think we agree that the new stamina system does not like any player. The PvP meta forces you to have to put in 20 strength and 20 agility because otherwise you don’t run fast enough and your stamina doesn’t regenerate fast enough. I think it would be much better if the running speed and the stamina regeneration speed only depend on the grit attribute. So players could choose between a warrior of strength or a warrior of agility. In my opinion a super strong warrior cannot be the most agile warrior. In addition, there would be the possibility of more variety in the meta pvp.


Stop being a meta sheep and think for yourself.

meta is no more meta if you know how to counter it. roll stitch roll stitch is heavy vulnerable to timing if the dodge ends. charge in time after his animation ended with your daggers or sword and he is staggered.

But if you use another combination you are dead…si imposible use another way ando have any posibility of survive…