Strength and Grit need buffs

Crushing Swings gets beat out by Light rolling. You can roll through the stagger. The Berserker perks do nothing substantial. Shield Master in Grit is also beat by Light rolling. Defensive Posture is beat out by braindead dagger spam. Agility just wins out against Strength in all ways.

The problem is target lock. It needs to be disabled for player on player locking.

Abuse hyper armor against daggers. 1h sword, 1h/2h axe etc.

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Im guessing PvP related ? or just in general.


Agility perks win.
But Strength weapons win.
They are BALANCED.

Joke aside, I found Str Perks underwhelming because they only take effect when you are about to die. It might give a little bit of edge in the tightest PVP situation, it don’t do nothing in PVE, while you benefit from Agility Perks for whenever you do anything.

Well, you don’t play pve as you play pvp. It’s like playing two different games. On pve, heavy armor and strenght weapons are the rule. It’s not that you can’t do it with an agility build and light armor. You can. It’s funny, but a little harder.
On pvp, you need both strenght and agility, but agility comes first. As the spear is a strenght weapon and it is dominant on pvp, people tend to maximize both. The perks that agility gives you are too good to miss and the boost strenght gives to your damage with strenght weapons is also too good to miss. So, you see people sacrificing grit and vitality, usually grit, instead of strenght or agility. I would love that they moved the spear to agility or buffed the katana a little (it’s an agility weapon).
From strenght you mostly want the weapon dmg boost, not so much the last 2 sets of perks (for both pve or pvp).
For pve, you will be very well served if you sacrifice agility, slap a master weapin kit on your strenght weapon, and maximize grit to deal with the heavy hitters. On pvp, you don’t benefit that much from steel thewed, but vitality is very important. So grit tends to be the loser. A lot of people keep it at 0. I’m not sure that will suit me, but today the server I plated on was so laggy, actually ruberbanding, that if I had invested in grit instead of vitality I would have died in a fight I ended up winning.


PvP mostly. Even testing with my clanmate, he can get hit with a hammer heavy with the bonus stagger perk and he will start to stagger, roll, then finish the stagger animation.

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Steel in Grit works well in corruption builds so you don’t get two-shot.

The biggest issue Im finding is that Agility can completely outmaneuver Strength. Daggers dead angle so hard and as soon as you land a hit with a Strength weapon, they disengage so fast.

Replace the hammer with a greatsword. The horizontal reach on that thing is disgusting. Generally known though that with bigger weapons comes bigger responsibility regarding timing because you sacrifice cooldown frames for more damage. But you’re mad about dagger spam, do you know how disgusting you can flinch lock people with Katanas light attack spam? Your only bet is to use your massive reach and raw damage to your advantage by leveraging timing right. At least that’s been my experience with it so far.

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