2190 EU Server Down 4 2 days

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[cant get on]

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Lost connection to host. Havent been able to get on for 2 to 3 days. Prior to this server wasnt reseting for ofer 7mdays. Incredibly laggy. Pls need this server fixed.

Hi @WorthHarmony534, there’s no Official Server 2190, so it’s possible that you either got the number wrong or happened to come across a private server, could you please let us wich is the case?

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If you type in the number 2190 it does say official in a side column. But no tick.

We just need this server fixed. Who can fix it?

The server has no tick in the Official column because it’s not an official server, it’s likely a private server named in similar fashion to the official ones.

We’re unable to provide any assistance with private servers as these are provided by G-Portal to players through a rental service, you’d need to reach out to its admin.

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