XBOX Official server pvp #2118 HEL ME PLEASE

I contact you because this morning at 6.00 I found a bug.
When I try to log into the 2118 EU official server, it tells me this:
Unable to connect with the server.
The connection to the host has been lost.
I can connect to other servers, but at the server where I play 2118 I get that error.
I was at the game when it happened, I automatically closed the game, I tried to come back and I got the message saying that the host had closed the room.
I thought it was the restart server as it happens every morning but no.
Only I have encountered this problem, it is 7.30 am (Italian time) and there are 4 people on the server and I can not access it.
My gamertag is BFA Norian and the character’s name is Norian.
Can you help me kindly?
Sincerely to change servers I do not see that I have a guild.
I hope you can help me.
Now I try to uninstall and download the game again, if it does not work I ask for reimbursement of gaming expenses

Xbox server #2118

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