3.0 feedback with possible bugs

Okie so now when i maxed out… at magic and so on. i can make feedback…

So lets start with those new ‘‘wallpaints’’ and ''floorpaints

  1. Floorpaint increase player height while standing on it… ( carpets even not doing it) so when i place floorpaint in front of door its like, hmm , i dont know how big i am in game but i can take size of door because some i need to crouch to get pass, but with this floorpaint i need to crouch even normal doors… because its like adding 3 cm…
  2. this screen
    there i have 2 questions at same or even 3- first why ‘‘floorpaint’’ is on wall?? Second why these paintings are in artisan table?? I mean paint goes to dye bench… and then third - why recipes is different, in dye bench wallpaint - takes brush, while in logic same stuff ( floorpaint) takes white paint in artisan bench and has different recipe… they basically are same items… only one goes on wall other on floor…

Next - About battlepass
somehow i dont see saddles there… even i have unlocked them all

And that spirit horse - i dont have screens on it, is same as abyss horse. he dont have saddle spot, but this one eats up saddles actually eating up and then brokes all visuals on it… armors appear inside him not on him… ( when i get horse i try again )

Next - what about tanners in artisan benches , they was able to make silk in it from grubs… now they cant…

Next -

when will this be fixed :D? i writed reports on this like dunno how long time ago, i guess its now same as ghost at telith or that impossible mission on exile lands to kill mummy of ring? :smiley:

thats now all . Would be nice if someone answers me on these questions :smiley: if thats bug or normal :smiley:

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