3.0 Sorcery Megathread

Okay, it is June 18th. I have forgiven the countdown to the announcement and am ready for the 21st!

IMO, No. I think Jimbo called it right when he called it a “technical error” in another thread somewhere.

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Yeah “technical error”… Or “ninja spy”, for sure. As always.

I will ask you to stop discussing the incident yesterday and I do not have any issues with closing and hiding this thread if you continue this discussion.


All I have to say is WOW. This is going to be EPIC!!! Im super pumped! :grin::grin::grin:


Funcom has updated us on the leak. it is okay to discuss it as long as you do not link to an outside site or discuss details.


Like many others, I have serious concerns regarding the recent leaked information. My concerns arise with the price of the battle pass and cash shop items and currency. I am not against these changes, but I am firmly against price gouging and taking advantage of the community. I understand these changes will make the game more money if positively received. However, they can also make it less money by pushing away players who would otherwise play the game.

Conan Exiles has a habit of only releasing a single DLC or two a year. Which isn’t a lot at all. Conan Exiles has a limited population of players due to its age, and lack of regular content updates. Games that implement battle passes and cash shop tend to ask for more money for digital items, and then simply do not release regular content updates.

This coupled with constant the potential for digital goods to be overpriced, ads, pop-ups, notifications for the battle pass, and cash shop could be a serious dealbreaker for many players. In addition, most of the player base now play on unofficial servers from my understanding. Battle Passes, Cash Shops, and Loot Boxes are all predatory sale mechanics designed to get the most vulnerable to spend as much money as possible.

I also have serious concerns about how this will affect the Conan Exiles Modding community. Given, other titles have limited modding or completely removed it because of these types of monetization changes.

Also, censoring the community concerns regarding the leak on the Reddit, Forums, and Discord only further divide the community on these issues.


Funcom has advised that discussion of the incident is okay as long there are no links to the video on outside sites.


My main concern beyond the price of items is will the stuff work for singleplayer mode for those of us that use that as our primary mode of play. Other than that I feel if there are items that are only in the shop even with the purchase of the pass then it will feel like funcom is just trying to milk is for everything we have got.
I don’t mind the battle pass. It seems to be the hot thing to do In this day and age.
Hopefully funcom will follow 343 industries lead and let us level up our battle passes even after the next one rolls out so we can get the most bang for our buck.


in concerned about player spaming altars and fast travel stuff all around the map and in others bases also flying into it.

My greatest concern about it is that we’ll have to wait a few more months till we get our hands on magic. :smiley:


Another question, the update will requires official servers to be wiped?

Well I’ll be darned…it was confirmed…


So since it is okay to discuss the leak;
Questions for Funcom:

1-Why is Conan Exiles full priced game with many DLCs getting a battle pass that is normaly utilized by free to play games?

2-How is battle pass going to work in Conan Exiles? It is a game with many modes, from single player to pvp to pve to custom server using custom maps.

3-Do people have to purchase one battle pass for every new server or character they make?

4-Why is a 4 year old game getting a in game shop with made-up currency of Crom Coins? In the past if we wanted to purchase a DLC we got building pieces, armors, weapons, decorations, mount armors, and tattoos. How will the pricing in store work, will we get same amount of items for same amount of money?

5-Will the pricing in micro store and battle pass account for different real world currencies?

6-Why do even the in game store have timed sales, why utilize fear of missing out (FOMO) on both. Why not make it so that the items in micro store and battle pass could be purchased similar to old DLC packs and that every few (3-6) months time when a new battle pass or store item collection comes make a new DLC pack to sell with the items in steam store.

These are some legitimate questions for a game I purchased 4 years ago, which if in that time had micro store or a battle pass with FOMO I would have definitely not purchased.


I agree with you while heartedly. I am however hopeful they will take the least greedy approach. I think so far they have been extremely fair with monetization and until I see otherwise I’ll put faith in them. However if this hits Fortnite levels of monetization for cosmetics Then maybe we will see a concerted player base outcry which will hopefully make funcom rethink their stance.


Sadly companies are becoming more and more predatory with their monetization practices, since they can get away with it.

I for one would have never guessed Conan Exiles to get a battle pass and micro store after 4 years with FOMO.

Their past DLC policy was fair and I had purchased very single DLC just to support the developers, now I feel extremely disappointed.


Because Tencent knows how to be successful in microtransactions in games. Look at PUBG for example. Its literally a money sink at this point in time, with items coming and going in the shop, and pay to win skins that cost upwards of $2000.

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I’m doubting they will answer anything before Tuesday but are allowing discussion with us. What I am envisioning is recipes will be unlocked on the battle pass and the battle pass will be essentially a DLC that isn’t restricted to one culture but a theme. For instance, sorcery theme may include library bookshelves, a book pedestal with a dusty tome opened, some Uber cool dark robes with sigils on them, wizard staffs that are essentially 2h axes…stuff like that.


I like what i see and i will admit im abit excited to get it, it’ll be very interesting to learn more though tbh and i do believe they will need to sit down and talk more about a few of the features namely the BP, shop and new FT system.

The shop doesn’t bother me at all, i have all DLC but if i had been giving the choice to just pick certain items from each pack and ignore others i would’ve.

The BP doesn’t interest me, i have zero interest in a second job but it would certainly be welcome if the items in it became available to buy from the shop at a later date.

The FT system seems great for Siptah but only interesting for EL, it be interesting to see how it works with the map room or if they just get rid of the map room (hopefully not).

New build menu looks sweet

New Corrupt system looks cool from a character Aesthetic stand point

New placeables always welcome

All in all im eager to learn more and looking forward to getting my hands on this.

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Yeah cat’s out of the bag (pun intended) so might as well let us kick ourselves up in a frenzy. If it truly is an incident and not a marketing thing…I’m sorry for the person that allowed this to happen. That sort of stuff hits the entire office and tends to ruin the fun of announcement.