3.0 Sorcery Megathread

Come one people, sorcery is here and all you care to discuss is cash shop and battle pass.

You think there will be some way to make some spells that are not utterly evil-sacrifice-your-thralls-or-your-firstborn-for-it?
There is hope, since it took years and they gave us non slave followers (albeit much weaker than thralls).


Sorcery is generally evil in Conan. I am not the lore expert here, but I think the only magic used by good guys are enchanted objects.


Just wow…
So much monetization is coming :+1:


Not always, but generally. There is good magic, but it’s closer to religious blessing than sorcery as we know it.

The sorcery we’re getting is very built around evil. Human sacrifice, demons, communing with beings from the outer dark

I have utmost respect to modders, even one reason why I am still playing this game is mods.

But we are not here saying game should not be monetized, on the contrary if you read the posts most here were okay with how Conan Exiles was monetized before.

If they continued to release DLCs every couple of months, I would just continue to purchase them just to support them.

But changing how the game is monetized and with in game currencies and FOMOs is what is getting us railed up. We need more information sure but I have seen so many bad practices of MTX to be worried.

However you are right at one main point if I do not like the answers they give I will certainly just stop playing, no point on supporting a company if they go full predatory.


Hey there, friends. We know chaotic forces have been unleashed, but please keep discussion focused on, the, uh, glimpses some folks may have gotten instead of splitting hairs about Funcom, Tencent, finances, etc. If you’d really like to go down that rabbithole, please discuss amongst yourselves in DMs. Cleaned up some posts in the thread.


Fair points. From what I can perceive based on the “leaks”, it sounds more like a change but is largely the same. Instead of DLC’s as we have known them, its being morphed into a different strategy. But how much different is a DLC being released every x months, as a cosmetic pack on a store released every x months. Like, take Assassins Creed for example. There are cosmetic packs in their in-game store. How are those different then how Funcom has been doing it up to this point? I don’t see a difference there (just talking cosmetic packs here). Of course we have little information to go off of at the moment, so that one is going to need a wait and see approach to get more info.

As for a potential Battle Pass system, I wasn’t as familiar with that one. It spooked me initially, but mostly because I was ignorant to what that means. Spent my morning doing research of BP systems in other games, when they were released versus the release of the game (Conan Exiles is hardly the only game to do a change in monetization strategies years after it was released), how they work, etc.

And what I found? Really not the end of the world as I’ve seen being pushed around the internet today. I actually didn’t realize that I’ve done a Battle Pass system before until I researched it this morning (Starcraft 2, of all things. I didn’t PvP so the BP rewards never affected me in the slightest, but I wanted to support the game and the various Starcraft 2 tournaments) Though I get why, if people are/were like me and just not familiar with BP systems, then its easy to get a bit concerned there.

I dunno, all in all, its fine that people are focused on money matters. But from the leaks alone, there are far more interesting things to ponder about. Like Agnusthemagi said

You think as a mod creator whose been doing this for 4 freaken years I’m not salivating at those prospects (among others that were shown in the leaks) and have ideas brewing already? Plus like, after all this time (years), Sorcery, it sounds like its going to actually be a thing.


Dang. You beat me to the punch… Team’s gotta eat and I have no problem helping out food on your team’s table with what I saw. Tell everyone it looks real good so far.

My only complaint so far…3rd q? Really?


I stopped playing any game that offers a battle pass, because they all have one thing in common. It takes excessive amount of time to actually complete them. Which is intentional in their basic design, in order to incentivize the player to pay to complete the battle pass instead.

Cash Shops I am generally fine with, as long as items are priced in a reasonable manner. However, if a full DLC used to be $20 and then suddenly I can’t get everything like before for $20… I have a serious issue with that. Some companies are fair, some aren’t.

So I am hoping for the best, and frankly preparing for the worst. I’d hate to lose a game I love. But I am unwilling to corrupt my moral values. Like yourself, I will certainly abandon the game if the monetization changes are indeed predatory.


BP is not a good solution. But whatever… It’s more money for FC and more stress for people who don’t have time to play :slight_smile:

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Battlepass content is entirely optional. You aren’t at a disadvantage if you choose not to play it. They’ve always pushed no-p2w, cosmetic only rewards. If you don’t want the pass or the cosmetics, just don’t get them. Simple.


Battle pass is “optional”, that’s false. In the video, they clearly state there are BP only building pieces. So If I buy something from the cash shop, I can only get the rest of the set from the battle pass. So it’s already asking us to spend money in a cash shop, and then spend money again on a battle pass to unlock a full set of items.

Or spend an extreme amount of time grinding a once daily mission for experience toward battle pass. So you are forced to play every day in that battle pass season to earn anything. Feel free to review the video. I’d link it and time stamp it for you, but we aren’t allowed. Also, tell that to the millions of vulnerable individuals that these systems exploit.


…yes. Just like there’s Aquilonian only building pieces, or Arena only building pieces. They’re cosmetic.

No, you buy something from the cash shop and something else from the battlepass. Nobody is forcing you to get either.

I would love to know where you got this idea from because that’s not what I saw at all.

Is someone holding a gun to your head? Is your life in danger if you don’t unlock that reskinned variant of medium armor? No. You’re being hyperbolic about cosmetics.

I’d love to hear from an exploited vulnerable individual. Show me one person who Andy personally broke into their home, broke their kneecaps and forced them to unlock a new hat under threat of death.


This is gonna be great no more having to buy almost a hundred dollars in DLCs. And Funcom won’t have to be bothered with creating full fledged content for large DLCs. They can just make small things and charge for them individually for way more than an entire 10 dollar DLC. It’s goona be great for gamers. I can’t wait to see what kind of massive grind I’ll be able to play to collect a few ingame tokens for the ingame store. Oh man, it’s gonna be so awesome to just keep giving funcom more and more of my money. Conan’s not just a game anymore! it’s a child you adopted to pay for and financially support for the rest of it’s life, even after it’s 18! Wow battlepass the gift that just keeps on taking.


I’m excited too… More money. Yay

The Battlepass and in-game store do concern me. I own every DLC because I love this game and thought the DLCs were a good cost-benefit ratio. So for me, I guess it depends on how much things are going to cost.

If they go the ‘limited time offer’ route, I won’t be getting much. I play a game to have fun, not grind. Thus, I play ‘my way’ – and that means ‘when I want’ and ‘how I want.’ If they say meet this challenge OR pay a dollar, then we’re okay. I can buy it and play when I’m ready.

If they go the ‘twitch drop’ route, I won’t be getting much either. I don’t watch other people play the game… I play the game. Again, if I can just buy the item, then that works.

If the prices are comparable to the DLCs, we’re good. If they get ‘greedy’ (overcharging) then I won’t be buying.

I’m definitely not a fan of the Battlepass system. I’m old fashioned towards the DLC concept. Let me buy what I want to play with it when I want whether its tomorrow or a year from now. The in-game store might work depending on prices. If we get ‘nickel and dimed’ to death, then no. But if we get roughly the same value as the DLCs for about the same price, yes, I’d continue supporting the game.

I don’t have a problem with supporting Conan Exiles as a whole (just don’t ‘overdo it’).


Cosmetics? Since it’s obviously replacing DLC, it’s definitely not a cosmetic issue.

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You mean the cosmetic only dlc it’s replacing? Lol ok chief keep reaching


The video clearly states there are sets that you buy from the cash shop, that can only be completely with battle pass if you want the full set.

All battle pass are generally the same. You slowly level them up over time. Generally, 30 to 60 days. They are made this way to make you want to buy it, rather than waste a bunch of time grinding. So if you miss a mission during the cycle, it’s extremely hard to finish the battle pass.

I never spoke a word about Andy. Andy is awesome. Gas lighting the topic is disrespectful and also completely off-topic.


That is also what I get from that video. You have both the battle pass that you can either grind or pay money to make grind faster (again we have no idea if battle pass will even work in single player). Then there is the shop, where you can purchase items. Now if everything was on shop with no FOMO (there is clearly time limits on items that can be seem from the video) it might have been okay, but we got 2 different forms of monetization. Also, in shop you can use only in game currency which we have no idea about. It just looks very predatory.

Also, Cosmetics are part of the game; I am tired of people saying it is only cosmetics. It is very easy for companies to make basic stuff look boring and charge for better looking items. Especially if you are playing a building game like Conan in single player or pve, if you do not care about how the base looks then everyone would just build boxes or just put all your items on ground anywhere. It is a big part of the game in pve. Even Funcom makes competition on best looking bases and Characters so please stop with it is only cosmetic argument.