3 Unique Helmets

The 3 Unique Helmets: Heavy Leather Helmet, Heavy Plated Helmet, and Horned Heavy Played Helmet is there anyway of getting these besides getting the right armorer from the purge? At the moment the purge is broken my purge meter decreases every time I log off so I’m hoping just like the Black and White dye they put them in the game somewhere

Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t epic flawless versions of any standard armor better in armor? No to mention they give stats and resists too.

Only purge armorers make these 3 helmets and bearer packs

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Game exiles is less about stats, and more about aesthetics. Some people would put these items on a thrall because it matches their castle better, for example.

2 options r available.
either get the purge armourer (he alone can craft those)
or ask and give materials to someone who has it to craft em for you…
so shoutout in global chat and who knows? maybe u can lay ur hands on them before u aquire ur purge armourer

Yes I started messaging peeps on my server and hopefully someone has one and willing to trade thx

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