Hopign for more revealing armor on B&S :D

Is it safe for me to to expect some outright sexist armor/ naughty torture furniture from B&S DLC? :3

I’m xXxcited!

Who knows… my dream might come true for a heavy armor type that shows hair :slight_smile:

It’s that one special DLC that’s got the potential to get me back into the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you play from PC with someone from PS4?

Honestly It’d be nice to also have a hide helm option.

Maybe it wouldn’t hide important helms like the gas protection masks and such but I see no reason why it couldn’t hide regular helms.


Definitely need to fall in line with more Pulp fantasy, that is how the stories and the Conan universe is.

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The reason is Survival, maybe on PvE it could be a thing, but PvP players know the build on the oponents because of armor.

I’m feelin ya but the only time it really matters is if it changes how enemy players can or cannot interact with you, such as poison gas immunity. Nobody cares if you’ve got a light/medium/heavy helm. It’s not substantial when compared to the rest of the gear and there’s too many factors to even consider when you don’t know what attributes they’ve invested in.

The latter alone makes any speculation inconclusive.

Simply put If i’m wearing a gas mask, someone needs to know that but if it’s just a regular helm then they don’t even need to think twice about it and that’s why I made the comment on important helms not being hidden.

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I see your point, it is valid and makes sense.

What if helmets are invisible to you and everybody else can see what your wearing.


I still firmly support the incarnation of the hide helms setting that I previously mentioned but I do feel that should be an additional option; someone might want to go about it that way and that’s quite alright.

In retrospect, I’d like to add that bearer packs would also be unhideable headwear. For increased encumbrance they’re meant to make you a big target with the side effect of obscuring your vision.

Aye. Cosmetic slots being client only :slight_smile: That’s something i can def get behind.

I think if anything that stands a better chance of coming with the ‘Debaucheries of Derketo’ pack than the ‘Blood and Sand’ pack. That said, I wouldnt mind some more sleaze and brutality in equal measure.

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Oh I see. I got confused by the renaming this and that x)

Not saying I don’t get it, but something about saying a pack is exciting because it adds more nudity in armor and BDSM furniture…eh. That’s the realm of odd Japanese games.

‘Going back to Conan finally, new DLC and all.’ ‘Oh cool, what brings you back?’ ‘Boobies and hair while wearing armour. And I can reenact my fav Pornhub vid with some buggy NPCs.’

It’s called being unapologetically enthusiastic :smiley:
I let my limbic brain decide what get’s me excited, not society and its standards :slight_smile:


A Conan eroge jrpg with gravity defying oppai and stripy pantsu…
Count me in.

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Without the sentimental polychromatic glistening vibrator eyes, pleated skirt and eye patch though.

Bouncy boobs and lewdness and a greatsword is all I ordered.

Very few games allow cross-platform play between PC and PS4, and Conan Exiles is not one of those titles.

I’d be happy with clothing pack… or more normal stuff. i wanna see some skin to, something like red Sonja be pretty funny…but abit much.

I doubt will get anything like that, been asking since start for clothes to be part of DLC’s so we can get Dancer thralls in matching stuff.

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