#3514 PvE-C Down 1 hour now :(

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [US]

#3514 PvE-C is down again. Went down same time yesterday as well but today it’s been an hour and its not back. I’m wondering why this is not something that would be automated through server monitoring.
$.each(server) {
if (isDown(this.server)) { reboot(this); }


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

When the server goes down randomly and you are say in a camp, for example Jamilla’s Landing or something like that with NPC’s that are strong, are you at risk of dying and losing your stuff when the server does come back up/ Is there any consideration for sudden server crashes that protect your character when it comes back?

I’m literally sitting here hitting refresh every 2 minutes as I don’t want to lose all my gear when it eventually does come back up. It’s been an hour now and still nothing. I put a lot of time and effort into crafting the armour I have and the weapons I’m using. If I die and lose it all it’s basically going to cost me hours and hours of mining to recover. Did you guys code some protection in? A return to your base or “last save” location would make sense to me.


Yep back up and i’m naked at my base… wtf

Hello @Fever905, thank you for reaching out!

We apologize for this situation, unfortunately character death may sometimes occur as a consequence of being in dangerous spots during a server crash or when losing connection.

We’re constantly looking into improving server and client stability, so we do appreciate the report as we’ll be looking into what caused this crash.

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