524 day vac ban

hi my name is williboyboy. i have read the rules and i play on pc. Steam Community :: williboyboy. when i got banned i was in the clan called the spartans on 1945. we had a war going on against cheaters and fly hacks even made a video (Funcom Banned Us For This - Server 1945 Part 1 (ez clap) - YouTube) and we all got banned. i was woundering if i could get unbanned after 524 days because when i was on 1945 i joined only for 3 days then got banned. my clan was duping etc and i have done nothing i hopped on played for 3 days then the server started crashing so i got bored and went to play rust came back and was banned. everyone else got unbaned even the cheaters 2 weeks after but i still have a 524 vac ban. i would really like to try the new map. please and thank you!

@Hugo @Ignasis i have not even cheated once and even had an admin and my friend list and got other cheaters banned.

gg, good luck.

Im going to go ahead and say no, not missed

deserved lol

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Use this link Submit a request – Funcom
You wont get any help on the forums.

Ban Information (Why was I banned?)
In Description of the issue state your case, and good luck.