Cheaters on 1945

If u are looking for a good server, do not come to 1945. There are scripters and supers on the server making it un fun to play. For that matter, with the lack of feedback and support from the dev’s of this game (they are just milking the already small community and would rather work on new small caves then to fix the existing game) I would not play a official server at all. This clan on server 1945 dupes multiple gods a night. I’ve counted and average of 4 used by then everyday fornthe last week. And when they run low on bombs or tokens, they manually drop the server to dupe more. Then they use a script cheat allowing then to slide on the ground 4x faster than someone running, and if they hit u once it gives cripple, bleed and poison. Diablo 2 could ban cheaters 15 years ago and funcom cant even reply to a topic. This is a great game. It’s a shame that the company who controls it doesnt kno its hand from an ■■■■■■■

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Daddy, Chill.
The misinformation in this post is hilarious. Get your facts straight, stop talking out of your a$$ xx

daddy, chil ^^^^^^

daddy, chill ^^^ :kissing_heart:

daddy, chill :heart:

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