7/5/2023 Update Freezes Up Then Crashes To Xbox Home Screen and Experience Points Not Matching Up

Platform: Xbox Series X

Issue Type: Update Freezes Up Then Crashes To Xbox Home Screen. Also Experience Points Not Matching Up

Game Mode: Single Player

Server Type:

Map: Isle of Siptah

After loading in I sat still and waited till I hit level 7 to see if anything would happen.

Once it hit level 7 I started the first journey step and moved. Nothing happened.

It then said to find supplies. I then started moving to the right a bit to gather things off the ground and it froze then crashed to the xbox home screen.

I went back in and clicked continue and it loaded me in before I did the first journey step.

I went into my inventory and it said I was level 7. Yet I still had the wood that I picked up from before it crashed the first time.

I went into my knowledge section and that also said I was level 7.

But when I went into my Attributes it said I only had 6 points to use when that should also be 7.

I then closed it and moved not far to the right and it froze like this again and crashed to the xbox home screen again.

Not only that the amount of wood that is showing in this image is also wrong.

I started out with 8 from before and only picked up 3 pieces of wood and my setting are set so that if I only pick up one item every time I gather something it gives me that one item and it’s saying I have 18 after picking up 3 pieces of wood.

The only time it doesn’t do any of this is if I play the game while being in creative mode the whole time.

So it basically means I can’t play or stream conan until all of this is fixed.


This is suck. Before the update I was playing well, but after the update immediately I couldn’t even get in. Crash, freeze and close the game. Isle of Siptah

Are you running to the south west area of the map when you crash?

Yes its all in the middle south where it crashes. But it’s a hit and miss with the fact that not all of the south is affected.

You could say it’s like swiss cheese with the holes being the crash points.

Even the south west starting spawn point is one of them. I have to start out at the south east near the tall forest.

Not only that if it doesn’t freeze or crash then everything becomes buggy. armor that im not wearing shows up on my character in my inventory or war paint shows on the body even if im running around with no clothing on.

The big spot for everything is all round the dragons in the south.

But if you are able to get out of these spots everything seems to go back to normal everywhere else.

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Apparently it’s not just freezing up in the south.

It just froze on me right infront of the Siptah tower when I was killing some reapers on the map at I - 9.

So there are spots all over the map and once again it’s like swiss cheese.

So what ever is freezing people, making them crash and is affecting the creatures, and animals from showing their textures and making them invisible is now spreading all over the map and not just in the south.

All these problems and more have started all the way back when they added emotes to thralls. thats when hyenas went invisible.

It then spreaded to the wild dogs after the age of sorcery update happen.

When the age of sorcery chapter two came out it spread to all the other npc animals and now with the age of war update its freezing the game and crashing it and still not loading in the npc creatures and animals textures other than their eyes or strips of fur on their backs.

I even caught some of the human npcs walking around doing their emotes.

One cimmerian cook npc next to the tower was not in there spawn point then I saw them walking to it with their hands on their hips like the one dances the whole time as they walked to their spot.

Last night I saw a stygian fighter walk on a tent with its arms out strait like a zombie. So what ever this is it’s getting worse by the day.

Many npcs will pull out a weapon and sneak around as if they are searching for something. But as soon as you hit them one time with a weapon they go back to normal.

At this point in time I could make a long list of things that is messed up with the game.

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