7 Day Membership?

I am looking at the DC’s for Conan Exiles and the Barbarian Upgrade includes as one of the perks a 7 day Membership. Which makes me wonder does Conan requiire a monthly membership to play? U can’t find any mention of any membership being required but curious why its offered in the Barbarian Upgrade DC? Thanks for the help.

Thats for another conan game called age of conan and it is an mmorpg. Its also f2p so you can check that and see if its worth.

Conan Exiles has no subscription. Once you buy the game you can:

-play single player for free
-play on official servers for free
-play on private servers generously hosted by someone else for free if they are open to you playing on their server
-set up your own server for others to play on if you have the hardware and decent internet service to support it
-rent a private server for you and your buddies to play on (rent through server providers)

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