70 slot [EU/EN]Ember PvP[13.05][XP x1 Gather x2]NOGOD


[EU/EN]Ember PvP[13.05][XP x1 Gather x2]NOGOD

Is a newly started PvP server (May 13th at midnight). Everyone is welcome, pros and noobs. The server hardware is quite beefy and is able to handle 70 players.

======= General Information =======

Server wiped 13.5.18

Building damage weekdays start @ 6pm

Building damage weekdays end @ 6pm

Building damage weekends start @ 4pm

Building damage weekends end @ 00am

No players will have admin rights on the server!

======= Stats =======

x2 Gathering

x2 Resource Respawn

x1 XP


Drink and Thirst reduced to 0.8

You can direct connect to the server using the following address “”
You can add it to favorites using the steam server list or simply direct connecting using the in-game browser. Looking forward to seeing you in Hyboria! :slightly_smiling_face: