A few questions

I have a few questions:

  • Looks like I cannot upgrade my capstone although I have 75 AP (see screenshot)
  • I am in Tokyo. There are quite a lot of missions the titles of which start by “climb …” where are they ?
  • Is there a way to upgrade my character in order to complete the missions in the “pits” ?

Thanks for you help,

For capstones, you need to unlock additional weapons and their first capstone. Once you unlock the first capstone on your third weapon, the third capstone level becomes available, and so forth. To unlock all nine levels of capstones you need to unlock the first capstone for each of the nine weapons.

"Climbing " missions are in the tower at the very end of Kaidan. You’ll get there eventually.

Not sure what you mean by “pits”. If you’re referring to lairs, those are group/raid content and not meant to be completed by yourself.

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By pits, I mean the areas where the whole screen shakes once you enter them.

Yes those are lairs.

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About the “climbing mission” where is the end of Kaidan on the map ? North ?

That’s inside the Orochi Tower. The story will take you there eventually.

that’s weird. The story hasn’t brought me there yet. I mean I haven’t received any instructions yet asking me to go to the Orochi Tower. There are still a few missions I haven’t completed yet in Tokyo: the contract, the loathing and the dream palace. Not sure if these are compulsory.

If I recall correctly, Orochi tower comes right after Dream Palace.

does it mean that I need to complete the Dream Palace mission ?

Orochi Tower is the final part of the Kaidan main storyline, so yes, you need to complete all of the previous story missions. You can’t skip ahead.

The issue is that my charachter is not strong enough to complete one of these missions. My rifle and hammer (I am a punisher) are at level 14 (purple colour). That’s I need to increase the capstone;

The gear requirements for story missions aren’t particularly high. If you’re having trouble, the issue is most likely related to your build.

That said, you can always go back and improve your gear by re-running previous missions. You should also look into other activities that unlock at level 50 such as elite dungeons, the New York raid, and scenarios, if you haven’t already.

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Thanks for your help. Appreciate it

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The hardest part of the Dream Palace mission is to defeat the boss of the City of the Sun God again (Not quite sure whether this is Aten). At some point the bridges to bring yourself back to safety (but one) disappear when he uses his power (the white flash) that kills you instantly. The issue is that when I choose a way I find out it has disappeared and I have not time left to reach the way which has not disappeared before it is too late.