Capstone Achievements for all zones?


So, I finally got a Peculiar Box and when I click it, it indicates that I still need to do the “capstone achievements for all zones”. What in the world is a capstone achievement??
From what little I’ve been able to find out about this whole “peculiar box” thingy I’ve discovered that I know very little.

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You basically need to have all missions done (all mains/sabotages/investigations and all sides), have everything explored and killed all champions. So, piece of cake, right? :wink:

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And complete the dungeons.

The capstone achievements themselves are found in the “regional” section of the achievement window if you want to check your progress - there’s one per zone, they have a unique name and they all award 10AP/10SP and a costume.


I find it a bit unfortunate they went with ‘capstone achivement’ as we already got something called capstones in game. But as the others said, its the big completionist achivo connected to each zone, and the bonus of some AP and SP


Good grief! So, basically one needs to have done everything in the game. This “peculiar box” thingy must eventually provide some kind of amazing reward, right?
Why is everyone laughing?

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I’d only be laughing cause others didn’t finish everything (finished these achivos across 4 characters cause, surprise, i have fun with it lol)


That kinda depends. If you’ve been waiting on finishing your museum wings, then it’s pretty amazing :smiley:


The reward is the hardest fight in the game. Consider it Game Capstone Achievement.

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It really should be called Meta Achievements and not Capstone Achievements.

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I totally call them like this when i talk about them on vocal or anywhere else. “Capstone” achievements literally makes no sense at all. First thing i see people thinking about when they hear “capstones” are actual 40 AP capstones.


Exactly what I first thought and wondered if we were expected to have the 40 AP capstones for all weapons lol.