Found a Peculiar Box

Greetings all!

So, I found a Peculiar Box (don’t hate me!) but won’t have nearly the IP required to do the mission. Is there any way I can give or transfer this box to someone who could actually use it? It seems a shame to just let it sit in my Mission Items when from what I have read it is a rather rare drop.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

KK, Discord chat was faster. I found out that it is a bound item unfortunately. Was hoping it would get some use. Thanks again to all! :smiley:

I was under the impression that the mission had variable difficulty, like dungeons or lairs.

If you just use the box, then it puts you at the highest IP you qualify for, but there’s another item you can buy that allows you to select the difficulty. Although I think that item is rather expensive.


Actually, reading that article, it sounds like you can’t actually use it until all champions are defeated. This might take a while.

Yeah, it requires pretty much completion of the game, all missions/all zones. I think it’s E5 minimum?

The [Peculiar Box] tooltip describes the set of “Achievements” needed to have been completed before being able to use it.

The item you can buy is from Doctor Caligari

The “Lucky Pachinko Ball” is only 10,000 MoFs - which isn’t too bad
But the [Peculiar Box] cost, if you haven’t yet got one from elsewhere, is just a ridiculous price.

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From what I have read and been told on Discord, the instance supposedly sets itself to your highest (not current) IP level obtained in the game. Every video and link I could find about the mission showed peeps with at least an IP level of 1000+.

I qualify to have and use the box, I just don’t have the IP level or correct weapons leveled to be able to successfully complete the mission as it is scaled. The Lucky Pachinko Ball is an idea, but then you won’t get the museum piece from what I have read.

I have all the achievements, I just don’t have the IP level or correct weapons leveled. I am only at an E7 rating and only have two Legendary pieces (both still at level one Legendary). Plus I don’t have a tank or healing weapon leveled as I chose my original weapons based off of roleplay and the feel of the weapons rather than their actual game roles; and had no idea that some would be more powerful than others at end game. Every video and link I have seen of this mission shows people using at least one tanking and/or healing weapon to help mitigate the damage sustained, and there appears to be a LOT that needs to be mitigated from the few videos I have seen!! LoL :smiley:

Thanks again for the responses though. I had thought the box would be bound, but was hoping I could get it to someone who could actually use it as I have read it is a rare find.

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Yeah, I think I complainted pretty strongly on it when it first came out. At this point I just gave up…like doubtful it ever gets changed. I personally can afford it easily but I also did it 7-8 times. But the average player will never afford it without using their real life cash and even then their are better things to spend it on…like anything even epic cache keys.


With how it scales by IP it’s probably hard to judge from watching other people do it. Also they tried to make all the weapons have similar solo survivability but maybe miscalculated; Elemental and Blade (which are not tank/healing) are probably the best at soaking up damage and healing.

It doesn’t cost anything to try it, you don’t “use up” the box until you beat the boss.

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