Oops - how to reduce difficulty on "The Broadcast"?

Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew?

Just tried “The Broadcast” for the first time.

There is a difficulty selector when you reach the end stage. I currently have IP 720, so it goes up to Elite 7. I said “Why not? Doing it at highest gets me an achievement! Never mind that I’ve never gotten past about Elite 5 in Occult Defense…”

Well, now I know why.

Is there any way to reduce the difficulty after choosing it?

I just want to complete it - never mind the achievement.

As for how I got to that IP? Well, there was a lot of grinding…

What’s your character name? I’m happy to come help you complete e7 :v:

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Yeah! Bring people with you.

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You know you can kill the radio playing in each room to make it stop spawning monsters right?


Did you try to leave and then enter back? I thought game would ask you about level again.

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I’d think this too. Leaving and reentering should do the trick

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It doesn’t, iirc. I forget exactly why I tested that one year but I’m pretty sure I did

Edit: I just tested and it does allow you to choose the difficulty again, there’s definitely something somewhere that doesn’t let you reselect difficulty if you leave :v:

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Exiting and re-entering did the trick. Thank you.

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Are we able to meet up in these instances? I’m stuck on 3/5 because I’m not getting the SMS message, and I don’t want to have to wait two weeks in to be able to finish it.

Yes, you can meet up on people inside the instance. No idea if it still works but you could meet up at any level, so I’ve got a level 5 alt that can teleport to Besieged Farmlands :v:

Nice. I remember you could about 2 years ago. I haven’t done it since.

Will teleporting to others inside the instance solve the 3/5, or it just to do achi/get loot box?

It should only give you the loot. That’s all I care about since I completed everything and got all the achievement a few years ago.