Are There Eligibility Requirement for The Broadcast?


On logging in, I got the message from Dave Screed, but my friend didn’t. I noticed a patch note from Funcom saying “Ineligible players will no longer receive the introductory phone call from Dave Screed.

What do they mean by “ineligible”? We’re both the level 50, and have completed the same missions (currently in Shadow Forest), though my gear is somewhat higher level than hers (mine is orange, hers is purple). Is there some minimum gear level required to get the mission?

Thanks …

If you’re both in Shadowy Forest, one of you not getting the mission reeks of a bug.

That may, however, be simple enough to work around; go to New York and see if you can pick the mission up at the laundromat.

If not, try a /petition.

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