"The Broadcast" call/SMS pop-up not correctly gated

The call/SMS pop-up for David Screed’s call that starts “The Broadcast” is not correctly gated. It will appear for a level 40 character that can’t do the mission yet due to not being able to go to Besieged Farmlands.

Listening to it eventually sees the game realize the mission is actually gated (it mentions needing to have completed Black Sun, Red Sand, which is technically wrong - the right gating would be “must have started Mortal Sins”), does not actually give the mission, but does not remove the call/SMS pop-up. That just keeps nagging away…

The call/SMS pop-up itself should be correctly gated to prevent it from appearing to players it is not relevant to. (Keep in mind the constantly nagging icon might confuse new players.)

It will also appear for level 50s who still need to break into the old block :slight_smile:

Does that even matter? I would think anyone that can get to BF can get to the last stage of the mission. There’s nothing blocking the way but hostiles…

Absolutely, you dont get to go to BM until you completed „Am I legend“ and further zones are blocked by story too. So that level 50 can get to two radios and no more.

The mission says it’s level 10 and up, there are probably more level 11-46 who can’t go to BF than level 50s who haven’t finished the Savage Coast story yet

So in other words, sounds like “The Broadcast” is level gated, not Story gated.

It looks like the call from Dave Screed nag icon isn’t gated (except maybe to level 10), which is the real problem. There’s a nag icon, I know what it is about and that i can just ignore it, but would a new player?

The initial call/nag icon should be gated to “must have started Mortal Sins”, ideally.

Fixed as per patch notes:

It’s not fixed. I still have the SMS pending (and it plays the phone call) on a character that is ineligible both by level and by story progress.

EDIT: Nirvelle tells me that the fix doesn’t apply to characters who already had the SMS…

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