The Broadcast mission. Still stuck at 3/5

This has turned into a ‘final resort’, because after days of hearing from a GM that my ‘Mission has been advanced,’ and ‘Go take another mission and come back and read the SMS,’ I feel the need to show screenshots that 1) No, my mission hasn’t progressed anywhere. 2) Pausing and unpausing the mission doesn’t work, either.

This could all be resolved if I could get it advanced to 4/5, which would put me at the laundromat, which was done for another player earlier in the day.

Basically, I’m just showing there is no SMS in the bottom right corner, where it should be, and pausing and restarting the mission does quite literally nothing. The mission is only bugged on my main character, Illesdan. It is not bugged on my other characters.

Can this just get fixed sometime before the next Samhain?


Pausing and unpausing “The Brosdcast” on Tier 3 won’t trigger the SMS that you get when you complete Tier 2 and go on to Tier 3.

Being stuck unable to get the SMS in this case does require GM assistance. I’ve yet to see or hear of this particular point being solvable any other way once it’s been busted.

You should probably keep The Broadcast active until the issue is resolved, if you can. While the next step after “Examine the message from Dave Screed” is indeed “Go to the laundromat”, it’s a Tier 3 task, not Tier 4. Tier 4 starts with “Travel to the Besieged Farmlands”.

I’m sorry to hear your Mission refuses to budge. I hope it all gets sorted out soon!

It finally got fixed. It’s been broken since the event started.

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