The last train to Cairo mission

I did kill the final boss on the train and kicked him off the train. I should be able to destroy the glass roof on the train, but it stays green; doesn’t turn red as the roofs before I needed to destroy. When I start the missions it says tier 2/2 . But after the final boss is kicked off the train it says tier 1/2 . Please fix this as soon as possible. I can’t process in the story line and acces other areas.

Greetz Jake

You’ll need to open an in game petition using either the help menu button or by typing “/petition” in chat, then clicking the petition button in the top right corner of the window which opens.

The first time you click submit, it’ll give you a list of related articles that might help, (though in your case they probably won’t,) and you’ll need to click Submit again to actually send your ticket. Hopefully a GM will be able to get you fixed up ASAP!


I did what you said, but until now no response of a GM or whatsoever…

I had last petition take 2 week. Because of time, they cannot help me.

If you were offline when the GM tried to contact you, they will have left a response on your petition saying what to do, so it’s worth opening up the petition window again to check. They’re normally fairly quick for in game stuff, but it’ll depend on how busy they are at the moment (no clue how busy they are I’m afraid!).

Hi, I didn’t get any response from the GM’s. Nothing extra has been noted to my petition. It’s been six days now since I petitioned. Still waiting for a GM to react.

My 2 week wait was recent. Give it another.

Yesterday, a GM had fixed my problems. I logged in and my Train to Cairo quest was finished, I could move on to the next storyline mission. Appreciate it very much that my problem/bug was fixed!