The City Beneath Us BUG

This is early part of story line leading to Last Train To Cairo. In it you need to aquire a whip from an Atenist Excavation Supervisor THAT DOES NOT EXIST. You need this whip to further the questline on the train. I have repeated this series at least 5 times so far rt up to the broken ladder on the train which is where the whip is needed and that is where I get stuck. All sources I have read tell the same thing but they all assume you have the whip portion. Has anyone found a workaround for this. Petitioning the GM’s has yeilded no responses so I turn the you the players. HELP

The dropped whip was used to create an auxiliary weapon in classic TSW. It does not exist in SWL, nor is it needed for that mission.


then how does one get past the broken ladder on the train. Do you know. Please help I have searched all the sites but they are all old and outdated. thx

I don’t remember any broken ladders in that mission (a screenshot might help). But there is a bit of backtracking involved to get all of the keycards to get to the end, as well as the artifact that you have to collect before you’re allowed to progress.

ok thx at least I can stop looking for that stupid whip unfair kept talking about and Ill start looking for a workaround, at least you responded quickly which is a lot more than I can say for the non existant gms that I have petitioned multiple times over a month with not one response.
Have a great day and again thank you

You literally can’t have multiple petitions in. The system won’t allow you to create a new one until you’ve deleted the previous one. It’s likely that you’ve never actually sent any (you have click submit twice, the first time only shows you a list of possible solutions.

That being said, The Last Train to Cairo has not changed significantly from TSW to SWL, so any walkthrough or video you can find of the original mission should work fine.

so each timeI hit submit and it disapeared it didnt do anything, wonderful, no wonder I get no response, even the was a waste. Ok Ill forget to then thx and have a great day.

The whip was always an optional weapon and was never used for mission completion

If you want to see the route, check out this video :slight_smile:

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